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Joining forces with the Helenis group, Jacques & Laurent Pourcel and Olivier Château have the common desire to create the destination that everyone will talk about, because Montpellier deserves it.

They want Montpellier to keep its place as a gastronomic city like Bordeaux or Lyon, and that Montpellier be identified among the French destinations where one of the reasons to go to the city is the quality of its tables. They want “Le jardin des Sens – Hôtel Richer de Belleval” to become an economic engine for the heart of the old city. In a way, we want to create a new place to live and share.

Carte Restaurant Jardin Des Sens Montpellier
Restaurant Jardin Des Sens Montpellier


des Sens

Jardin des SensA culinary escape of excellence – a restaurant in a hotel and not a hotel restaurant, classified spaces with original decor – remarkable frescoes – a breathtaking, reassuring place that transports you to another world, that of the eternal 17th century. Without leaving the world of today, thanks to the gastronomy. Here history and cuisine meet in great and beautiful harmony. Jacques & Laurent Pourcel and Olivier Château have brought to life the codes of haute gastronomy and sommellerie, of good living, of elegance that have always reigned in these historic places and are wonderfully awakened for you. This is a new adventure for inventive chefs who pass on tastes and flavors, inspired and creative with the spirit and sincerity that characterize men of taste.

The Pourcel brothers will make you live gastronomic experiences to discover in the three vaulted rooms.

Jacques Et Laurent Pourcel Jardin Des Sens
Restaurant Gastronomique Montpellier




Our gastronomic propositions:

Lunch and evening:
Tasting Menu (10 course): 190 euros, drinks excl.
Tasting Menu (15 course): 240 euros, drinks excl.

Short A La Carte Menu, ideal for business lunches

Carte Jardin Des Sens Montpellier
Restaurant Gastronomique Hotel Richer De Belleval Montpellier

Set menus and Menus

Set menus

Jardin Des Sens A Montpellier


Restaurant Gastronomique Jardin Des Sens Montpellier


Cave Jardin Des Sens Montpellier
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Hôtel Richer
de Belleval

Place de la Canourgue,
34000 Montpellier

+33(0)4 99 66 18 18

GPS : 43.61211 / 3.8727897

Parkings :

  • Montpellier Arc de triomphe
  • Foch préfecture

Tram :

  • Peyrou Arc de Triomphe

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