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From the origins to the present day

Once upon a time there were stones that carried history.

The astonishing destiny of a building that grew up in the Age of Enlightenment, property of a great illustrious family that included a botanist.

The building has seen history pass by.

Once upon a time, there was a modest medieval house, established on an urban island transformed into a mansion in the 17th century.
Witness to the events that changed the history of the family, the city and France, it lived through the onslaught of the revolution, and the upheavals that followed.

1128 – 2021

Histoire Nov 2020 11


Richer de Belleval

Histoire Nov 2020 13
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Hôtel Richer
de Belleval

Place de la Canourgue,
34000 Montpellier

+33(0)4 99 66 18 18

GPS : 43.61211 / 3.8727897

Parkings :

  • Montpellier Arc de triomphe
  • Foch préfecture

Tram :

  • Peyrou Arc de Triomphe

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